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Jade Joyner

Jade Joyner

Jade Joyner of Metal + Petal

About Jade Joyner

While she actually got her start in advertising, after studying Art History in Vienna, kicking off her career working at global advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, she founded her first interior design firm in 1999 while living in Budapest, Hungary.

With her eye for art, love for all things beautiful, and a family background in interior design, this career change was a natural choice. Less than a year later, she landed her first big project for AIG Global Real Estate & Lincoln Properties Inc. designing Warsaw-based model homes that were the first of their kind in modern Poland.

Jade spent the next 15 years in Europe, taking inspiration from the architecture and design that surrounded her in Istanbul, Vienna, Warsaw, and Budapest.

When she finally decided to move back stateside in 2005, she settled down in Washington D.C., where she worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects in the area. Her southern roots beckoned her home in 2008, where she re-launched her business in Athens, GA, and has since been working to create a new definition for “Southern” living.


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