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  • Bright blue bathroom
  • A living room with a large houseplant
  • Traditional bathroom
  • Vintage dining table in a dining room
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Bath in an ensuite
  • ensuite wallpaper
  • Shelving in living room
  • Blue accent chair
  • Oversized mirror in living room
  • Seating nook in a living room
  • Arhaus L-Shaped Sofa
  • L-Shaped sofa in a living room
  • Relaxed Home Office
  • Home office desk by window
  • Anti office home office
  • Home office with storage
  • Minimalist home office
  • Two-person home office
  • Light blue kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen fireplace
  • Light blue kitchen cabinets
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen dining room
  • Farmhouse dining room
  • Modern farmhouse cabinets
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Farmhouse kitchen lights
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen island
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen island
  • Farmhouse kitchen
  • Transitional living space
  • Farmhouse open plan living spaces
  • Modern farmhouse living space
  • Modern farmhouse living space
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Blue modern farmhouse kitchen
  • barstools in a kitchen
  • L-Shape Kitchen Layout
  • Seating nook in a kitchen
  • Patterned curtains
  • Living room
  • Cushion on a sofa
  • Hamptons-inspired ensuite
  • Living Room with a large sectional sofa
  • Green Accent Wall
  • Orange and yellow bedroom accent wall
  • Wallpaper Accent Wall
  • Wooden Accent Wall in a Nursery
  • Peninsula Kitchen Layout 
  • Galley Kitchen Layout
  • White traditional-style kitchen
  • White kitchen with a kitchen island.
  • Kitchen Layout With an Island
  • U-Shaped Kitchen
  • Living space with bar area
  • Living room with sofas
  • Guest room with two daybeds
  • Guest Bedroom
  • A kids den room
  • Mudroom

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A beautifully styled bed can make all the difference in any bedroom
This modern farmhouse kitchen features massive cabinetry, a soft color palette and minimalist vibe
Color is used freely in this modern farmhouse kitchen to create a cheerful and colorful space
This kitchen features plenty of functional storage and embraces the farmhouse architecture as well as the Swedish heritage of its owners
Photo: Kacey GilpinThe ample space in this stunning modern farmhouse kitchen is well utilized to bring focus to elements such as the large central island

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