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See how this kitchen-dining space blends classic farmhouse and industrial styles

This modern farmhouse kitchen and dining space was designed with the whole family in mind.

Farmhouse kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen island
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen island
  • Farmhouse kitchen lights
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse cabinets
  • Farmhouse dining room
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen dining room

Interior designer Jennifer Davis recently took the lead on this modern farmhouse design project for a family based in St Louis Park, just outside of Minneapolis.

The homeowners were drawn to the farmhouse style but also wanted to incorporate some fun industrial touches that could be easily swapped out in the future if their style changed.

"We love the modern, clean lines with the warmth of the classic farmhouse touches such as dark grout and dark wood floors across the kitchen/dining space," explians Davis.

The design also took into account the homeowners' young children, creating an open space for them to play and for the family to gather around the island together.

One of the standout features of the design is the island "I absolutely love the contrast of the leather counter stools against the deep, rich island. The dark dining room table top also is such a great balance with the dark tile grout," says Davis.

The light fixtures in the space also add a playful feel and visual interest to the design. The overall aesthetic is classic and fits well with the original architecture of the house. The designer's skillful blend of the modern and industrial elements with the warmth of the farmhouse style creates a beautiful and functional space for this family to enjoy.

Modern farmhouse kitchen island
Photo: SpacecraftingThe leather counter stools contrast nicely against the deep, rich kitchen island color.
Modern farmhouse kitchen island
Photo: SpacecraftingThe kitchen island is a perfect place to grab breakfast in the morning.
Farmhouse kitchen lights
Photo: SpacecraftingThe light fixtures give the kitchen a playful feel and add some visual interest.
Modern farmhouse kitchen
Photo: SpacecraftingThe dark grout between tiles is a classic farmhouse feature.
Modern farmhouse kitchen
Photo: SpacecraftingDavis Interiors added some industrial touches to this modern farmhouse style kitchen and dining space to provide more visual interest.
Modern farmhouse cabinets
Photo: SpacecraftingThe white farmhouse-style cabinets feature clean lines and industrial-inspired bar pulls.
Farmhouse dining room
Photo: SpacecraftingThis dining space features a blend of farmhouse and industrial styles.
Modern farmhouse kitchen dining room
Photo: SpacecraftingThis space feels light and breezy without sacrificing a farmhouse feel.
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