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Minimalist interior design

Half feature wall
  • Half feature wall
  • Wood veneer room divider
  • Black wooden feature wall
  • Wood panel reading nook
  • Wall art hung on a wood panel wall
  • Black wood panel feature wall in a bathroom
  • A tv mounted on a wood paneled wall
  • Home office desk by window
  • Anti office home office
  • Home office with storage
  • Minimalist home office
  • Minimalist Primary Bedroom
  • Bedroom reading nook
  • Lamps on bedroom nightstands

Be inspired by the minimalist interior design photos

Half feature wall
Some of the most eye-catching installations are when the walls are only partially clad in wood paneling.
Wood veneer room divider
Wood panels offer a simple way to create dedicated zones within any open plan room.
Black wooden feature wall
Dark panels can look great in spaces that primarily feature lighter colors and shades.
Wood panel reading nook
Installing wood paneling can help you to zone off a cozy reading nook.
Wall art hung on a wood panel wall
Wall art is a great way to add some more visual interest to a wood paneled wall.

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