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This ensuite bathroom offers a fresh take on traditional design

A great example of combining traditional design with modern elements

Ensuite bathroom
  • Traditional primary bedroom
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Large mirror in a traditional bathroom
  • Ensuite bathroom shower

This primary suite and ensuite bathroom feature very traditional design match the character of the home which is located in a historic district. "We kept the 'old world' feel and freshened up all the materials and furnishings," says designer Tracee Murphy.

Traditional primary bedroom
Photo: Nicholas FerrisThis primary bedroom suite has a very traditional feel to it.
Ensuite bathroom
Photo: Nicholas FerrisThe freestanding tub is the centerpiece of this ensuite bathroom.

"The main design concept centered on a light and fresh approach to classic elements such as marble, garden-inspired wallcovering, and a freestanding tub," adds Murphy.

The use of marble in the bathroom makes the space feel timeless whilst adding a luxurious feel. The wallcovering, with its garden-inspired design, brings a touch of nature into the room and creates a serene, spa-like atmosphere.

The freestanding tub is the centerpiece of the bathroom and serves as a focal point. The tub is surrounded by a large window that allows natural light to flood the room and creates a bright and airy space. The large mirror above the countertops is directly opposite the window and bounces light back across the room.

This ensuite bathroom is an excellent example of how traditional style design can seamlessly integrate with modern elements to create a beautiful and functional space.

Large mirror in a traditional bathroom
Photo: Nicholas FerrisThe large mirror opposite the window bounces light back across the room.
Ensuite bathroom shower
Photo: Nicholas FerrisThe shower features marble tiling.
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