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11 Bathroom counter decor ideas from expert interior designers

These bathroom decor ideas will give you some inspiration for your counter space.

Black and white bathroom
  • White bathroom
  • Bathroom with towels
  • Black and white bathroom
  • Bathroom with black walls
  • Maximalist bathroom
  • Bathroom with black vanity
  • Bathroom with brown wallpaper
  • Blue children's bathroom
  • Traditional bathroom
  • grey ensuite bathroom
  • Blue bathroom
  • Traditional style ensuite bathroom
  • Black and white bathroom
  • Geometric blue bathroom

It doesn’t take too much work to make your bathroom countertops shine and even the smallest piece of decor on your counter space can make the start of the day a little brighter.

In this guide, we’ve gathered a range of bathroom decor examples from pro interior designers to help you find some stylish solutions like soap dispensers, glass jars, hand towels, to make your space a little more personal.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist soap dish to sit next to your bathroom sink or something a little more maximalist and unique, you’ll find some decorating ideas to your taste here.

1. Less is more

White bathroom
Photo: Julie SoeferThis bathroom was designed to have a spa-like feel.

Less is more in this clean-lined, bright Mid-Century Modern inspired primary bathroom. “We left the counters largely unadorned. A teak bench holds products for the bath and a small plant in the window sill hints at the garden view outside,” says award-winning, luxury interior designer Pamela O’Brien, founder of Pamela Hope Designs.

2. Add a touch of greenery

Plants flank the exterior edges of the floating wood vanity in this modern-farmhouse inspired bathroom.

The countertop in this bathroom design is simple and decluttered. “Houseplants flank the exterior edges of the floating wood bathroom vanity. Glass amber bottles atop a wooden tray with a light gray hand-poured candle add just enough color and softness to the vanity,” says designer Reya Duenas, founder of Reya Duenas Design.

3. Embrace natural materials

Bathroom with towels
This bathroom uses natural materials to accent the space.

In this bathroom, staged and styled by Madison Modern Home, comfy Turkish towels, a woven-top table for bath accessories and properly scaled decor result in a bathroom oasis for a lucky homeowner. “The warm wood cabinets informed our choices of natural materials like plant in the styling of this primary bathroom,” says Robin DeCapua, founder of Madison Modern Home.

4. Keep a theme

Black and white bathroom
Photo: Julie SoeferThis small bathroom has a strong black and white vibe and arresting art.

“This clever little guest bathroom had a strong black and white vibe and arresting art,” says Pamela O’Brien. The small bathroom is finished of with a pair of succulent pots that match the room’s back and white theme. “A few pots of succulents seemed to be the perfect touch,” adds O’Brien.

5. A touch of brass

Bathroom with black walls
Photo: Ryan Shapiro PhotographyBrass fixtures, cabinet pulls, and brass sink fixtures provide some contrast to this bathroom's black feature wall.

For bathroom ideas, particularly the powder room, simplicity is key with a few elements that offer a natural and textural experience to intentionally elevate the mood of space. In this bathroom designed by Sho and Co and photographed by Ryan Shapiro Photography, brass cabinet pulls and brass sink fixtures and faucets, a soap dispenser on top of natural wood riser, marble to visually please the eye, and natural textural wallpaper for its tactile feel.

6. Fresh flowers

Maximalist bathroom
Photo: Julie Soefer This maximalist bathroom features an orchid for a touch of green and a tray to hold jewelry near the vanity bench.

“With an overall maximalist look, this glamorous bathroom really didn't need a lot of countertop accessories. We added an orchid for a touch of green and a tray to hold jewelry near the vanity bench,” says Pamela O’Brien.

Adding your favorite flowers to your bathroom is a nice personal touch. Here are a couple more examples of fresh flowers being used on bathroom countertops:

Photo: Design by Czar Interiors. Photo by Jessica Glynn.The neutral, stoney tones of the mosaic tile and marble tops add interest, texture and warmth to this condo bathroom
Photo: Design by Sansa Interiors. Photography by Bruno Belli.This compact restroom features a mix of textures and materials, and a large mirror, to create a light and airy space

7. Give your bathroom accessories a home

Bathroom with black vanity
The marble countertop in this bathroom features a tray and box to keep the space tidy.

Bathroom organization was a key consideration in this design. “I added a tray to the bathroom counter to give a home to all of the little things - pretty bottles of cologne, perfume, moisturizer, and more. The box is a pretty way to store things that are an eyesore, like makeup and makeup brushes. It hides things that you may not want sitting out on your counter. You want everything on your vanity to be nice and luxe,” says Chris Jovanelly, lead interior designer at Est Est Interior Design.

8. Match your wallpaper

Bathroom with brown wallpaper
Photo: Courtesy of @mstarrevdesign The different hues of tan and brown in this wallpaper make the design feel earthy and warm.

This small space bathroom features some useful of storage options including glass jars for cotton swabs and hair pins, and a small wicker basket. The overall style of these pieces fits nicely with the bathroom style and the hues of tan and brown in this wallpaper.

9. Play with color

Blue children's bathroom
Photo: Kasia Vetter PhotographyThis bathroom space is grounded with blue walls.

This kids bathroom remodel features a range of bright, eye-catching colors — from the blue walls to the bright green acrylic toothbrush holder and the orange tissue box.

10. Trays for storage

Traditional bathroom
Photo: Design by Sansa Interiors. Photography by Bruno Belli.This beautiful bathroom features his and her's sinks with large mirrors that flood the room with natural light

The countertop in the above bathroom is nicely arranged to make sure everything you need is close by. The tray is home to a couple of washcloths with hand soap and moisturiser stored right behind.

grey ensuite bathroom
Photo: Kasia VetterThis bathroom's look is elevated with pops of color, like the warm, marigold towels.

This bathroom uses a tray to keep clutter away from the countertop alongside some glass mason jars to keep cotton balls and other bathroom accessories neat.

11. A candle holder

Blue bathroom
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckThe natural materials and blue walls create a calming environment in this bathroom

This countertop is very minimalist with some flannels stacked neatly in a tray on one side of the sink and a candle holder on the other. Countertops are the perfect place for a candle that you can light to help you sit back and relax in the bath.

More bathroom countertop examples

Traditional style ensuite bathroom
Photo: Gordon GregoryFraming the vanity mirror and repainting the walls in a more neutral hue helped refresh this ensuite bathroom.
Black and white bathroom
Photo: Kasia VetterThis bathroom design’s dark cabinets contrasted with light walls give the illusion of higher ceilings.
Photo: Design by Czar Interiors. Photo by Jessica Glynn.Textured walls, flowers and feminine decor adds warmth to the white interior of this feminine chic bathroom
Geometric blue bathroom
The geometric wall covering featuring various shades of blue makes a statement in this bathroom.
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