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30+ living room ideas and designs to inspire your space

Transform your space into a comfortable and stylish oasis that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

L-Shaped sofa in a living room
  • Coastal modern living room
  • Open plan living space
  • Coastal living room
  • L-shape sofa on an area rug
  • A living room with a large houseplant
  • Sofa in a green living room
  • Round coffee table in a living room
  • Living room office
  • L-Shaped sofa in a living room
  • Contemporary living room
  • Mid-century modern sitting room
  • Seating nook in a living room
  • Modern Living Room
  • Modern style living room
  • Living room with blue curtains
  • Living room with patterned curtains
  • Studio apartment Layout
  • Living room seating area
  • Living room with sofas
  • Sitting room with bar
  • Living room overlooking a lake
  • Modern living room
  • Coastal Living Room
  • Sideboard sitting behind a sofa
  • Mid-century modern sitting room
  • Sofa in a living room
  • Living room with blue accent wall
  • Living room with a blue sofa
  • Living room with a teal sofa

The living room is often considered the heart of a home. It's a place where families and friends gather to relax, unwind, and spend quality time together.

With the right design and decor, your living room can be transformed into a comfortable, stylish and functional space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. But it can be hard to know where to start.

In this article, we have compiled over 20 living room design ideas from professional interior designers to inspire you to create a space that you'll love to spend time in. From bold colors and patterns to minimalist designs and natural textures, there is something for everyone here.

1. Blue accents

Coastal modern living room
Photo: Davis InteriorsThis living space features blue accents on the curtains and cushions, as well as a few blue accesories on the shelving.

Go for a timeless blend of blue and white accents. In this living room, Davis Interiors paired blue accents on the curtains and cushions along with blue accents on the shelving.

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2. Minimalist, airy walls

Open plan living space
Photo: Julie SoeferContinuous flooring and wall colors help blur the lines from the kitchen to the dining room in this open plan living space.

“This chic family home was not especially large but the open concept on the first floor feels airy and spacious,” says Pamela O'Brien, interior designer and founder of Pamela Hope Designs. In this open plan living space, Pamela Hope Designs kept the wall colors and flooring consistent to help the flow of the room.

3. Use an area rug to frame the seating area

Coastal living room
Photo: Don HebertThis coastal great room was designed for relaxing and easy-care.

In this open plan living space, the designer Tiffany Cassidy of Lagnappe Custom Interiors has used an area rug to sit under the large sectional sofa and accent chairs.

4. Subtle textures

L-shape sofa on an area rug
Photo: Design by Czar Interiors. Photo by Jessica Glynn.Subtle textures and tones bring warmth to the white interior and emphasize the stunning sea view

The goal of this room was to "keep everything light and fresh,” says Lauren Czarniecki, Principal Designer/Owner at Czar Interiors. To achieve this, the team used subtle textures and tones to bring warmth to the white interior

5. Embrace natural light

Photo: Design by Jil Sonia Interiors. Photo by Macy Yap.Large doors exit onto the rear garden and flood the room with natural light

A room with an abundance of natural light is always a blessing. In this space, Jil McDonald of Jil Sonia Interiors made natural light a key feature of the design.

6. Add some greenery

A living room with a large houseplant
Photo: Design by Marshall Erb Design. Architecture by Beau Clowney. Photo by Julia Lynn Photography.Textures combine brilliantly to add warmth to the stark white walls and soft furnishings

Large indoor plants are a great way to fill any underused nook or corner. In this living room, designed by Marshall Erb, the large leaves of the plant are a wonderful contrast to the white walls and soft furnishings.

7. Create a wood paneled media wall

Photo: Design by Sansa Interiors. Photography by Bruno Belli.Marble and wood combine brilliantly throughout the home, and work exceptionally well here to create the perfect focal point for this cozy Scandinavian-inspired living room

Wood paneling is an affordable way to create a stunning feature wall or media wall like Sansa Interiors did with the above space. This wall works wonderfully as a focal point for the space and gives both the TV and fireplace a beautiful surrounding.

8. Go green

Sofa in a green living room
Photo: Clarity Northwest PhotographyThis living room celebrates some of the darker "forested" spaces in the Pacific Northwest.

This living room is in a holiday retreat on Vashon Island (located a 20-minute ferry ride from Seattle). The designer, Rachel Waldron, chose the dark green paint as a way to bring in some of the hues of the surrounding Pacific Northwest forest.

9. Add a statement coffee table

Round coffee table in a living room
Photo: Julia DempsterWhen choosing a coffee table you should ensure the materials fit with the rest of your living room.

A coffee table can make or break a living room design. Where possible, try to choose a coffee table that's made from materials that work well with the rest of your space — for example, a marble coffee table would clash with a rustic, farmhouse room.

10. Home office

Living room office
Photo: Christian Garibaldi PhotographyThis living space features a fold-out table/desk that can be used for work.

In the world of work-from-home, flexibility is key. This living room has a built-in, fold-out table that can function as a desk. If you need a multi-functional living space, try to think about how you can build in features like this.

11. Statement lighting

L-Shaped sofa in a living room
Photo: Meghan Balcom PhotographyThe l-shaped sofa offers the family the perfect space to kick back and relax.

Statement light fixtures can bring additional texture, color and style to a space. In this living room, Megan Pisano used the light fixture to center the room and also bring awareness to the unique ceiling.

12. Place sofas to encourage conversation

Photo: Laura SumrakThe two matching sofas give the living room a symetrical feel and create a perfect environment for flowing conversation.

If you love to have big family gatherings or regular get together with friends, think about how you can place your sofas to encourage flowing conversation. This space, designed by Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective, features matching sofas across from a coffee table with symetrical lighting.

13. Built-in bookshelves

Contemporary living room
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckThis living space also functions as a home library with elegant book shelves clevery installed on one wall.

Very few homes have space for a dedicated library room, but for book lovers, built-in shelving is the next best thing. In this space, designed by Inspired Interiors, the book shelves act as a feature wall and the multi-colored book covers complement the other pops of color throughout the room.

14. Oversized artwork

Mid-century modern sitting room
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckThe fireplace and artwork combine to create a stunning accent wall in this sitting room.

Artwork can make a great focal point for your living space, especially if you have an abundance of wall space. Inspired Interiors added two similar pieces of artwork either side of the fireplace in this space.

15. Window seating nook

Seating nook in a living room
Photo: Meghan Balcom PhotographyThe room's blue accents continue on the window seating nook.

Want to create some additional seating in your living room? A window nook like the one above designed by Megan Pisano Deign offers a great spot to get stuck into a good book or sit and watch the world go by.

16. Bring the outdoors in

Modern Living Room
Photo: Deanne BridenstineDesigned to let the outside in, this living room is filled with finishes that have a natural feel and quality.

This beautiful living room features natural, hardwood floors and stunning views of the greenery outside. "All of the finishes have a natural feel and quality, and support enjoying a fire in the fireplace, or looking at a great view, without being distracted by a fussy interior," explains Deanne Bridenstine Bridenstine of Pure Design Interiors.

17. Layer window dressings

Modern style living room
Photo: Davis InteriorsThe combination of curtains and blinds adds visual interest to this living room.

Not all window treatments serve the same purpose — some are best for controlling light, others add privacy, or simply bring visual appeal. When it comes to choosing the right window treatments, it does have to be an either/or decision. Layering multiple options will add layers of interest and functionality to your living room.

18. Velvet curtains

Living room with blue curtains
Photo: Kasia Veter PhotographyFloor length velvet curtain panels bring a luxurious touch to this space and frame the twin recliners in front of the window.

On the topic of curtains, sometimes you might like to make a statement and opt for some luxurious velvet curtains like Innovatus Design did in the above space.

19. Include subtle patterns

Living room with patterned curtains
Photo: Davis InteriorsSubtle patterns on window treatments can be the perfect living room accent.

When you think of patterns, it's easy to think of bold, statement-making designs. But subtle patterns can also complete a room. In the above space, designed by Davis Interiors, the curtains offer a perfect accent to the rest of the room.

20. Neutral hues

Studio apartment Layout
Neutral and pastel hues can make a space seem bigger.

If you're working with a smaller space or trying to make the most from a studio apartment layout, opy for neutral and pastal hues like the team at Amy Youngblood Interiors did in the above space.

21. Add conversation starting decor

Living room seating area
Photo: Jasmin ConnorThis seating area is a perfect spot to sit and relax with visitors.

Sometimes the small touches make all the difference. This living room, designed by Becc Burgmann, features a plenty of small touches to add visual interest and spark conversation with guests — from coffee table books to unique lamps, vases and sculptures.

22. Bold accent chairs

Living room with sofas
Photo: Emily MackieSumptuous couches and accent chairs are the focal point of this living space.

Don't be afraid to go bold. In this space the team at Inspired Interiors finished the room with two stunning rouge accent chairs.

23. Open up the bar

Sitting room with bar
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThe seating area features a bar cabinet and a couple of accent chairs to sit back and catch up in.

In this living room by Erika Lee, the two chairs either side of the bar cabinet creates a lovely symmetry and offers the perfect place to sit back and spend hours catching up with an old friend.

24. Exposed wood

Living room overlooking a lake
Photo: Clarity Northwest PhotographyThis sunroom/living room was designed to make the most of the stunning views.

It's not just the stunning views that make this room stand out. The white walls are complemented by the wooden beams and hardwood floor.

25. Sheer curtains

Modern living room
Photo: Interiors by PopovThe woven structure of the sheer fabric curtains contrasts with the smooth texture of the walls which contributes to the interest in this monochromatic living space.

If you want to make the most of natural light, opt for some ceiling-to-floor sheer curtains like this space designed by Anna Popov.

26. Float your sofa

Coastal Living Room
Photo: Tori SikkemaThis living room is anchored on a neutral backdrop allowing the furniture and decor to take center stage.

If you have a large or open plan living room, try floating your sofa in the middle of the room. This approach can aid the flow of the room and help to create separate areas within the space.

27. Add a brick accent wall

Sideboard sitting behind a sofa
Photo: Meghan Balcom PhotographyThe floating sofa, flanked by a sideboard, faces the room's feature wall with a TV and fireplace.

In this living room, designed by Megan Pisano, the brick feature wall is a functional focal point housing both a small fireplace and the TV.

28. Go for a bold area rug

Mid-century modern sitting room
Photo: Sarki StudiosThe design makes the most of this room's unique shape.

The rug steals the show in this mid-century modern inspired living room designed by Natalie Rebuck. The room is in a stunning Brooklyn Victorian home, filled with mid-century and maximalist style.

29. Built-in sideboards

Sofa in a living room
Photo: Lisa Russman PhotographyA large sofa and accent chair frame this living space with a TV mounted above the fireplace and custom build-in sideboards.

The living space of this combined living/dining area features custom built-in sideboards that offer additional storage space.

30. Add a bold accent wall

Living room with blue accent wall
The blue accent wall in this living space really makes a statement when you walk into the area.

"My client had a beautiful piece of artwork that she wanted to showcase in her living room. Since the artwork was adorned with a metallic frame, I decided to use a blue accent wall with architectural detail to really make a statement when you walk into the space," explains Nikki Klugh.

31. Embrace a mid-century vibe

Living room with a blue sofa
This navy blue sofa navy infuses an air of formal elegance and groundedness into this otherwise breezy Modernist loft.

"Mid-Century Modern design is often characterized by whimsy: boomerang legs, playful clocks, and sputnik chandeliers. Here, we specifically turned to navy blue for its ability to infuse an air of formal elegance and groundedness into this otherwise breezy Modernist loft," says designer Daniel Ian Smith of Village West Design.

32. Paint the celing

Living room with a teal sofa
Photo: Ariel CamiloIn this sitting room, blue was the primary color used to ground the space or perhaps elevate it since it is used on the ceiling.

"In this sitting room, blue was the primary color used to ground the space or perhaps elevate it since it is used on the ceiling. "The depth and richness in the hue offers a warmth and coziness while still seeming elegant and sophisticated," adds designer KD Reid.

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