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19 Blue bathroom design ideas from interior design experts

From tranquil to dramatic, these are the sort of blues that make you feel good.

Bathroom with wallpaper
  • Bright blue bathroom
  • Blue vanity in a bathroom
  • Bathroom with blue wallpaper
  • Bathroom with wallpaper
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Geometric blue bathroom
  • Blue Bathroom
  • White bathroom
  • Bathroom with blue walls
  • Blue wallpaper in a bathroom
  • Blue bathroom
  • Blue subway tile bathroom
  • Console sink in a blue bathroom
  • Bathroom with blue wallpaper
  • Blue bathroom
  • Blue bathroom
  • Playful blue bathroom
  • Blue children's bathroom
  • Light blue wallpaper in a bathroom

Living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms are often the first spaces people consider when updating their interior design, but bathrooms are incredibly important as well. After all, they’re where most of us start and end the day, and they’re used by visitors and household members alike, so they have a lot of potential to enhance your home’s overall vibe.

“I think of powder rooms as the first impression of someone's house. Typically, if someone visits your home they need to use the restroom and this is their few moments alone to judge your design style,” says Natalie Rebuck, founder of Re: Design Architects

Whether you’re updating a private ensuite bathroom or a more communal powder room, the bathroom colors you choose lay the foundation for great style. Blue is among the most popular bathroom colors, and for good reason. For one, it’s known to make people feel more calm and relaxed, which can give a bathroom a spa-like feel. Plus, it’s a classic hue that won’t go out of style and complements a wide variety of color schemes and color palettes.

From dark blue bathroom cabinets to blue tile and wallpaper, these gorgeous blue bathrooms can provide plenty of inspiration for your next bathroom update.

1. Bold and bright

Bright blue bathroom
Photo: Design by Marshall Erb Design. Architecture by Beau Clowney. Photo by Julia Lynn Photography.The vanity and matching walls are painted in a vibrant peacock blue, the client's favourite color

This small bathroom rocks big style thanks to the bold blue vanity and matching blue walls. Adding a bright aqua or teal hue like this will instantly make a small space, like a powder room, feel more playful and energetic.

“We really wanted the paint color to pop in the daylight and become moody and mysterious in the evenings,” says Marshall Erb of Marshall Erb Design who designed this space. “This particular shade is ‘Naples Blue’ by Benjamin Moore and covers all four walls in the main floor powder room.”

2. Moody magic

Blue vanity in a bathroom
Photo: Kacey GilpinTextured wallpaper with a subtle metallic detail adds visual interest to this small bathroom.

Dark blue hues have a knack for making spaces feel more moody and dramatic, so it’s a great fit for glam and traditional aesthetics. Consider pairing it with metallic accents and mosaic tile to elevate the drama to the next level.

“This moody powder room is full of small details that make it one of the most interesting rooms in this beautiful home,” says Cortney McClure of Cortney McClure Design. “Textured wallpaper with a subtle metallic detail adds visual interest and dimension in a space with no natural light.”

3. Showstopping style

Bathroom with blue wallpaper
Photo: Cynthia Lynn KimThe graphic wall covering creates a striking accent wall in this bathroom.

For this home, PROjECT. teamed up with Filoramo Talsma Architecture to transform this mile-high rise condo in Chicago's illustrious Gold Coast. The results? Perfection. With its eye-catching accent wall, pale blue rug, and cool gray foundation, this bathroom remodel epitomizes tranquil elegance.

“Inside the airy primary bathroom, a round soaker tub atop a faceted platform creates a luxurious spa-like atmosphere,” says Aimee Wertepny from PROjECT. Interiors. “To add a splash of calming color, we used a graphic wall covering by Area Environments in tones of blue inspired by the lake views."

4. Coastal elegance

Bathroom with wallpaper
Woven wallpapers give texture to spaces throughout this home.

This coastal bathroom combines traditional elegance with light and breezy vibes that give it a very of-the-now look. Since blue is such a relaxing hue, it’s a great fit for patterned wallpaper, helping to tone it down so as not to overwhelm the space.

Meanwhile, white details and light, metallic accents create a cool coastal feel, while wood cabinetry and floors ground this bathroom in organic warmth.

5. Pretty and petite

This wallpaper print offers a contemporary take on a classic chinoiserie pattern.

This bathroom is another example that showcases the power of adding pops of color to a small space. The wallpaper print offers a contemporary take on a classic chinoiserie pattern, with a small-scale print that retains a light and airy feeling while paying homage to the home’s historic roots.

“This powder room followed the same concept for the rest of this project, which was to bring colorful, cheerful moments in a classic, historic home.,” says Elizabeth Ryan of Elizabeth Ryan Interiors. “The classic Le Touches wallpaper added the perfect amount of color and whimsy when paired with elegant design details.”

6. Timeless over trendy

Ensuite bathroom
Photo: Becc BurgmannThis North Shore, Sydney, ensuite blends Hamptons and Provincial style.

The ensuite bathroom forgoes passing trends in favor of a classic, timeless design that will never go out of style. And that brings to mind an important consideration for anyone considering new room ideas—do you want a more trendy or timeless space? Each approach has its advantages.

Trendy spaces are often eye-catching and look incredibly fresh in the moment, but they can also quickly look outdated as the seasons pass. Timeless spaces are typically more subtle and subdued, but they’re less likely to go out of style no matter the decade or season.

7. Organic warmth

Geometric blue bathroom
The geometric wall covering featuring various shades of blue makes a statement in this bathroom.

One of the reasons blue is such a versatile hue is because it comes in many different shades and tones that can complement diverse color schemes. For instance, this accent wall has slightly warm blue hues that pair beautifully with organic accents, like the textural light fixtures and natural wood cabinetry.

“This striking powder room really makes a statement with the various shades of blue in the cool geometric wall covering,” says Tracee Murphy CEO & Principal Designer at Trade Mark Interiors. “Adding layers of texture in finishing touches, like the sconces and mirror, really packs a big design punch and plays beautifully off the many shades of blue.”

8. Soft and tranquil

Blue Bathroom
Photo: Cody BlessIn this bathroom the blue wall color was paired with gray marble to make the room feel soft and relaxing. 

In this bathroom, the blue tile and paint color were paired with a gray marble tile floor and accents to make the room feel soft and relaxing. But the white cabinetry and light fixtures help ensure that the space also feels bright and uplifting.

“This bathroom has a classic, elegant design that includes blue walls, strong gray veining in the marble, and blue and white and accent tiles,” says Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs

9. Pop of color

White bathroom
Photo: FVI PhotographThis bathroom is painted with a bright white that pulls blues and grays from the space.

The bright white walls in this powder room really showcase the vibrancy of the dark blue cabinetry. If you find a deep blue hue that you really love, contrasting it with white walls is a no-fail way to make it pop and showcase the hue in all of its glory.

Opting for a white bathroom is also helpful if you have a small space, like a powder room, that you want to feel larger and more expansive than it is.

10. Elegant simplicity 

Bathroom with blue walls
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckClean lines were used in this bathroom, giving it a contemporary, mid-century feel.

This blue bathroom features clean lines and minimal ornamentation that give it a contemporary feel with a side of mid-century modern. The blue paint color is like the Goldilocks of blue hues—it’s not too dark or too light.

This middle ground lends itself to a variety of aesthetics, so it’s a great choice if you’re someone who often changes their mind about interior designs and wants to update and refresh their look as the seasons pass.

11. Eye-catching wallpaper

Blue wallpaper in a bathroom
The wallpaper in this bathroom adds a visual interest and draws your eye upward.

"Blue is my favorite color to use in interior design because it’s a color that can act as a neutral," explains Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper.

In this bathroom, the vanity hue is the primary color your eye is drawn to; the wallpaper with the variation in both lighter and brighter blues add a visual interest and draw your eye upward. "Even though there is a pattern and tone variation, the monochromatic color scheme throughout the design makes it feel cohesive,"

12. Natural accents

Blue bathroom
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckThe natural materials and blue walls create a calming environment in this bathroom

Adding organic materials, like the wood cabinetry and woven basket pictured here, never fails to add zen-like vibes to a bathroom design. And when you pair those materials with light blue walls and warm floor tiles, you’ll have a bathroom that feels at once relaxing and inviting.

13. Blue on blue

Blue subway tile bathroom
Photo: Kasia Vetter PhotographyBlue subway tile in a non-traditional configuration gives this bathroom design plenty of functional intrigue.

Blue subway tile in a non-traditional configuration give this bathroom design plenty of functional intrigue. It also pairs nicely with the paint color, which is another shade of blue but still complements the more aqua tone of the subway tile.

Console sink in a blue bathroom
Photo: Kasia Vetter PhotographyA sophisticated console sink and elegant sconces leveled up this bathroom's design.

“We upgraded this basic builder’s bathroom to something special and unique,” says Heather Mastrangeli. “A sophisticated console sink, elegant sconces, and recessed medicine cabinet come together perfectly in this bathroom."

14. Timeless trends

Bathroom with blue wallpaper
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckThis bathroom features a custom vanity, lively blue wallpaper, and elegant lighting.

This modern bathroom pairs a custom wood vanity and stark white countertop with lively blue wallpaper and elegant sconces.

We love the way it combines a more traditional, moody color scheme with contemporary, minimalist shapes and a bright gold faucet, creating a look that strikes the perfect balance between trendy and timeless.

15. Soft and soothing

Blue bathroom
Photo: Kasia VetterThis ensuite bathroom design is equal parts soothing and cool thanks to multiple blue tones.

Multiple blue hues give this bathroom design a soft and soothing feel, while black hardware infuses it with just the right amount of modern edge.

“This primary bathroom was designed to be a breath of fresh air in the morning for this couple,” says Heather Mastrangeli, founder of Innovatus Design. “Complete symmetry paired with Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik makes this the the perfect place to start and end the day.”

16. Modern wainscot

Blue bathroom
Photo: Ellie Lillstrom PhotographyPainting this bathroom’s wainscoting a navy blue hue offers a contemporary twist on a more traditional farmhouse look.

Painting this bathroom’s wainscoting a navy blue hue offers a contemporary twist on a more traditional farmhouse look. The bathroom walls provide charming texture, while an all-glass shower and white wall accent makes the space feel lighter and bigger.

“We worked with beautiful handmade blue tile with quite a bit of variation, and ran it vertically in a running bond pattern to simulate the effect of falling water,” describes Rachel Waldron of Waldron Designs. “The bathroom came with its own beadboard wainscot, which we brought emphasis to with a deep, rich blue and continued the wainscot on the full wall of the vanity for an accent effect.”

17. Playful personality

Playful blue bathroom
The cobalt blue tile backsplash combined with unapologetically bold pattern make this a memorable bathroom.

One of the benefits of a powder room is that it lends itself to more playful styles. Since it’s more often used by guests than other bathrooms, it’s full of potential to showcase what makes your interior design style truly unique. The cobalt blue tile backsplash combined with unapologetically bold wallpaper ensure no guest is soon to forget this bathroom design.

“I like to create spaces that envelop you into the overall idea and create a little jewel box first impression,” says Natalie Rebuck, founder of Re: Design Architects. “In this space, I created a blue jewel box space with wallpaper, tile, and blue accents.”

18. Modern growth

Blue children's bathroom
Photo: Kasia Vetter PhotographyThis bathroom space is grounded with blue walls.

Decorating a child’s bathroom can pose unique design challenges when it comes to long-lasting style since what appeals to a toddler isn’t necessarily what will appeal to an adolescent (or an adult). To ensure the aesthetic can grow with the child who uses this space, this bathroom design keeps the foundation neutral and timeless, with light blue walls and modern light fixtures. Then it adds child-like elements in the form of easily swappable, temporary home decor, such as the cute sign on the wall.

“This shared children’s bathroom needed the ability to grow with the family, so we grounded the space with blue walls to really set everything apart and give it the sophistication it needs to transform as the kids grow. Wood accents further help in bringing the bathroom to life and making this space timeless,” adds Heather Mastrangeli.

19. Whimsical print

Light blue wallpaper in a bathroom
The pale blue wallpaper provides a calming base for this bathroom.

"The pale blue is a calming base for the bathroom, while the white palm print is simultaneously both traditional and whimsical. This powder room is on the smaller side, so adding a vertically-oriented print draws the eye up, while the soft blue hue makes the space feel larger and brighter," says Chasing Paper's Elizabeth Rees.

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