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Karen Rohr

Interior Designer

Karen Rohr

About Karen Rohr

Karen completed her professional degree in Venezuela. Subsequently, she moved to Miami, FL where she worked as an Architectural Lighting Designer on several commercial and retail projects. Later, she focused on extending her career in interior design. With her creativity, attention to detail, highly organized & tech-savvy skills, Karen has developed projects ranging from architectural proposals to high-end interior designs.

By incorporating her architectural perspective in the design field, she has established an ability to create functional and aesthetic environments. Her passion for interior design is linked to the goal of designing environments that inspire, nurture, and serve the human beings that occupy the space. She gains inspiration by exploring new places, restaurants, and discovering around. When she is not in the design studio, you will find her creating content for her lifestyle blog and social media. Karen enjoys spending time with her family, making healthy recipes, and hiking.


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