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Sarah Kruse


About Sarah Kruse

With a degree from Parsons, experience consulting for other designers in NYC, 11 years in NYC Real Estate, and a background in running and operating an interior decorating and home furnishings studio in both San Francisco and New York City; Sarah offers a unique perspective on design and the value it can place on both a personal and financial level.

Sarah’s transparent business acumen provides clients the assuredness that the process and expectations expressed, will be delivered. A true professional, her agility in navigating multiple aspects of the team, remaining organized throughout all phases of a project, and understanding the intricacies of achieving a succinct vision; make Sarah an unparalleled partner for any interior design project.

Sarah is originally from California, grew up living in Rwanda, Africa and Tirana, Albania; has traveled to 25+ countries; and considers her inspirations from travel a lucid factor in creating striking and notable spaces.

With a degree in philosophy from UC Santa Barbara and her completion of the interior design program at Parsons School of Design; her educational background strongly compliments the skills she has acquired as a leader in her firm.


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