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Sorell Interiors

Full-Service Interior Design, Home Renovation & Light-Commercial Remodeling

Farmhouse open plan living spaces
  • Farmhouse open plan living spaces
  • Modern farmhouse living space
  • Modern farmhouse living space
  • Modern farmhouse dining room
  • Blue sofa in a great room

About Sorell Interiors

Sorell Interiors is an interior design firm founded with the goal of infusing the perfect balance of form and function into homes. The company was established by Doreen, a former Vice President with a passion for interior design and a belief that life begins at home. She teamed up with her physician husband, Paul, to bring their unique combined approach, "Live in the Look YOU Love!" to the world. The company offers life-changing design by combining beautiful aesthetics with scientifically-sound principles.

Sorell Interiors elevates the value of a home by bringing harmony and balance through optimized design. The firm implements principles of ideal traffic flow, maximal workflow, ergonomics, and the psychology of color and pattern in its projects. Over the years, Sorell Interiors has earned national recognition and high customer satisfaction ratings. The company's ongoing mission is to provide its clients a "Beautiful Life through Design" while Paul ensures that all concepts are scientifically optimal.

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