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Suburban sophistication: Inside a stunning modern farmhouse great room in Hauppauge, New York

Interior designer Doreen Amico Sorell takes us inside a suburban Hauppauge, NY, home that sits on a private golf course.

Modern farmhouse living space
  • Modern farmhouse living space
  • Blue sofa in a great room
  • Farmhouse open plan living spaces

This home in suburban Hauppauge, NY, sits on a private golf course. The greenway-facing, double-story windows of its great room provide mesmerizing views; the feature most loved by the homeowners.

“The room’s design was influenced by the homeowner’s passion for modern farmhouse style and their desire to preserve the breath-taking views, but improve privacy and light control,” explains Doreen Amico-Sorell, founder of Sorell Interiors and lead designer on this project. “They also wanted ample seating in the small space and did not want to change the existing Brazilian Cherry floors.”

Modern farmhouse living space
Photo: PAV PhotographyThis room’s design was influenced by the homeowner’s passion for modern farmhouse style.

To start, Amico-Sorell sourced a sofa that could anchor the room and help to functionally divide the living space from the kitchen and dining area. “Comfortable “exposed-walnut” side chairs flank the sofa and soften the look. The main seating area is completed with polished chrome/glass top side and coffee tables,” explains the New York-based designer.

Photo: PAV PhotographyThis dining area overlooks the golf course.

The homeowner's privacy and light control needs were addressed by installing honeycomb shades to the lowest windows and sliding glass door. Semi-sheer panels, hung on a single substantial solid-wood rod with mercury glass finials, pay homage to the grand architectural integrity of the window without detracting from the view beyond.

Blue sofa in a great room
Photo: PAV PhotographyThe floating sofa is used to create a boudry between the living area and the kitchen in this open plan room.

"They use this room daily for life’s activities of cooking, eating meals and watching TV as-well-as for social gatherings, entertaining friends and family," says Amico-Sorell. "Every element synthesized harmoniously to say Modern Farmhouse, while satisfying all their wishes, meeting all their needs and paying homage to the palatial golf course views beyond that the family enjoys all year round."

Farmhouse open plan living spaces
Photo: PAV PhotographyThe living room section of this open plan room is anchored by a large area rug.
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