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16 Coastal bedroom ideas to make your design dreams a reality

Drift off into dreamland with these coastal bedroom ideas from pro interior designers.

Coastal Bedroom
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  • Coastal bedroom
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  • Canopy Bed in coastal bedroom
  • Bedroom with pink accents
  • Coastal bedroom
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  • Coastal bedroom design
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  • Coastal Bedroom

If you’re looking for bedroom decorating ideas, then coastal design is a great place to start. The nature-infused style, which often incorporates organic materials, soothing shades of blue, and lots of warm textures, can make any home feel like a tranquil beach house on the coast.

Coastal looks also have a knack for making any space feel more calming and relaxing, which is, of course, perfect for the bedroom. And there are lots of ways to achieve a coastal vibe, ranging from subtle looks that incorporate just a few coastal colors to designs full of oceanic motifs and seashell decor.

If you’re not sure where to start, use the following coastal bedroom ideas to help make your interior design dreams a reality.

1. Add oceanic accents

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Tori SikkemaThe bed is framed by a large area rug.

Coastal interior design is heavily inspired by nature, so adding coastal bedroom decor that features natural scenes and elements, like this seashell throw pillow, is a surefire way to nail the look.

You can also add organic textures, like this woven bed frame or pieces of driftwood, to create even more indoor-outdoor harmony.

2. Bring in breezy window treatments

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Lauren Taylor CreativeThe windows are dressed in simple linen drapery panels to give this coastal bedroom design a breezy look.

Coastal looks are all about being bright and breezy with plenty of natural light, so rather than dark, opaque window treatments, consider adding curtains in airy fabrics and colors, like these light linen drapery panels.

“We painted everything in Farrow and Ball's Wimborne White,” says Mary Beth Christopher, founder of MBC Interior Design, ”and we dressed the windows in simple linen drapery panels to give this coastal bedroom design a breezy look.”

3. Infuse pops of color

Blue kids bedroom
Photo: Conor HarriganThe aqua accents give this child’s room a playful feel while still retaining a sense of coastal sophistication.

White walls are not only great for creating a coastal look, but they also help showcase bold pops of color. The aqua accents give this child’s room a playful feel while still retaining a sense of coastal sophistication.

“This bunk room is a playful but sophisticated nautical space,” says Natalie Rebuck, principal designer and founder of Re: Design Architects. “The Blue room is a full explosion of blue and nautical.”

4. Lay a neutral foundation

Canopy Bed in coastal bedroom
Photo: Kathy Kuo HomeKathy Kuo Home

This stunning bedroom has a neutral color scheme, which allows coastal decor, like the throw pillows and wall decor, to shine brightly.

“To soften the space, we wrapped the room in a textural wallpaper and infused color and pattern into the design through luxurious bedding and artwork,” says Kathy Kuo Home, founder & CEO Kathy Kuo.

5. Add sunset hues

Bedroom with pink accents
The sunset hues in this space offer a unique twist on traditional coastal themes.

While traditional coastal looks are all about various shades of blue, there’s no reason that you can’t play around with different color palettes, especially when it involves colors from nature. The sunset hues in this space offer a unique twist on traditional coastal themes.

“This darling coastal-inspired girl’s bedroom incorporates an arboretum wall mural from Phillip Jeffries,” says Heather Humphrey, co-founder of Alder & Tweed. “We love the bold statement it makes while still staying true to the airy vibe inherent in the coastal design style.”

This room makes a bold statement while still staying true to the airy, coastal vibe.

6. Mix and match aesthetics

Photo: Design by Natalie Rebuck. Photo by Conor Harrigan.Neutral tones and natural materials combine to create a calm and relaxing master bedroom

Mid-century modern meets coastal style in this master bedroom, proving that you don’t need to stick to one aesthetic to create a great design. In fact, mixing elements from various aesthetics is a simple way to make your design more dynamic and unique.

Here, coastal home decor, like the rattan chair and textural sconces, pair beautifully with mid-century-inspired furniture.

7. Consider aqua

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Don HebertThis bedroom features nature-inspired accent throws and pillows.

If you like the idea of a coastal bedroom design but you prefer something a little bolder than the soft blues found in traditional coastal looks, then consider aqua. This space’s aqua accents and nature-inspired throw pillows give it a bold and beachy flair that’s equal parts relaxing and uplifting.

8. Elevate with artwork

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Don HebertArtwork is a great way to bring the coastal vibe inside. It's also a nice way to showcase local artists.

Artwork is a great way to bring the coastal vibe inside, helping to create indoor-outdoor harmony while elevating your overall aesthetic. Wall art is also a nice way to showcase local artists and add pops of color, which can give a coastal-themed bedroom more unique personality.

9. Ground with wood

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Don HebertThis bedroom uses aqua and turquoise accents.

Given that coastal style is all about nature, you can never go wrong by maximizing any beautiful views. Not only will it help bring the outdoors inside, but the view might even match your decor, like this ocean view which is a perfect match for the aqua and turquoise accents in this bedroom.

10. Tack On textures

Coastal bedroom
Photo: Don HebertThis coastal bedroom mixes neutral colors and natural textures.

Mixing different textures is a nice way to create a dynamic look without overwhelming your design. It can also make your space feel more cozy and inviting.

For instance, this coastal bedroom does’t have too many colors and patterns in it, but the mix of textures on the headboard, area rug, and window treatments gives it plenty of dynamic style.

11. Maximize the Views

Coastal bedroom design
Photo: Don HebertThis coastal-style bedroom enjoys stunning ocean views.

Given that coastal style is all about nature, you can never go wrong by maximizing any beautiful views. Not only will it help bring the outdoors inside, but the view can even serve as its own wall art.

Here, the view is so gorgeous that there’s no need for excessive decor on the bedroom wall as the view creates a coastal feel all on its own.

12. Combine form and function

Photo: Design by Marshall Erb Design. Architecture by Beau Clowney. Photo by Julia Lynn Photography.Every bedroom has outside access and coastal views – in this one, a large, textured blue rug adds warmth

Many coastal design ideas start with a minimalist foundation. Opting for pared-back decor can help create the relaxing feel for which coastal interior design is so beloved.

But minimal doesn’t mean lack of personality. In this coastal bedroom, nearly every decorative element also serves an important purpose, like the pendant light that illuminates the room while punctuating it with texture and visual intrigue.

13. Bring in greenery

Accent chair in a coastal bedroom
Photo: Maria DeForrestThe large tree helps to continue the natural and coastal vibe in this bedroom.

Greenery never fails to add literal and figurative life to aesthetic, and that’s most definitely true when it comes to a coastal space.

Adding a few plants can give your coastal design a bit of a boho flair while making it feel more warm and relaxing.

14. Consider your finishes

Coastal bedroom design
Photo: Maria DeForrestThis bedroom features light color wood finishes and soft bedding to create a coastal vibe.

If oceanic motifs and seashell decor aren’t really your thing, you can create a more subtle coastal vibe through your finishes and color scheme.

This bedroom’s light wood finishes on the floor and nightstands, exposed beams, and neutral bedding give it a coastal feel without the use of on-the-nose coastal decor.

15. Play with bedding

Coastal style bedroom
Photo: Madison Modern HomeBedding is where you can really go to town and make your space feel cozy.

Your bed is likely the biggest piece of furniture in the room, so the bedding you choose can really help solidify your coastal vibe, especially if it rocks lots of texture and shades of blue like in this space.

Bedding is also nice because it’s easy to swap out whenever you want to update your look.

16. Add light blue paint

Coastal Bedroom
Rooms in this home feature a blue-green palette that reflects the lake and sky.

White walls aren’t the only option when creating a coastal look. Painting the walls light blue is another way to achieve this aesthetic while reflecting the natural blue sky outside.

And when you pair those walls with a shiplap ceiling, like this beautiful bedroom, you’ll have a match made in coastal heaven.

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