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This bohemian-inspired bathroom offers a relaxing and luxurious retreat

The ensuite bathroom remodel completely transformed the space.

Custom-made bathroom vanity
  • Custom-made bathroom vanity
  • Freestanding bathtub
  • Bathroom shelves

Interior designer Pattie Kelly led this bathroom renovation project that transformed a cramped, outdated space into a relaxing and luxurious retreat.

"The original bathroom just wasn't working," Kelly said. "The door slammed into the tub, the shower was too small, the colors weren't working, and the vanity was literally broken. So, we got to work reimagining this space in a way that functioned better, created a relaxing environment, and felt fresh and bright."

To achieve this goal, Kelly gutted the entire space and made several key changes. They enlarged the shower and replaced the built-in tub with a freestanding soaker tub. They also designed a custom vanity with a quartz countertop to better meet the client's needs, and added luxury touches such as heated flooring and a warming towel rack. A pocket door was also installed to solve the issue of the tub and door conflicting with each other.

Custom-made bathroom vanity
Photo: Gordon GregoryThis custom-made vanity features a gorgeous quartz countertop.

One of the standout design elements in the new bathroom is the mix of metals. Kelly said, "We really embraced mixing metals for a more timeless design, and adore the vanity light fixtures and the romantic chandelier over the bathtub."

We really embraced mixing metals for a more timeless design.

Pattie Kelly

Natural elements were also incorporated into the design to give the space a fresh, bohemian vibe. Kelly said, "The natural elements like the woven shade, alder wood vanity, and meditation leaf wallpaper add to the fresh, bohemian vibe."

Freestanding bathtub
Photo: Gordon GregoryThe freestanding soaker tub is a focal point of this ensuite bathroom.
Photo: Gordon GregoryNatural elements like the woven shade add to the fresh, bohemian vibe in this bathroom.
Bathroom shelves
Photo: Gordon GregoryThese shelves help to extend the natural vibes in the bathroom.
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