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Clean and modern meets boho chic in this bathroom remodel

A luxurious bohemian bathroom remodel designed by team at MARGARITA BRAVO Interior Design Studio.

Modern bohemian bathroom
  • Modern bohemian bathroom
  • Modern bathroom
  • Modern bathroom
  • Freestanding bathtub

The team at MARGARITA BRAVO Interior Design Studio created this beautiful bathroom that blends modern clean lines and earthy bohemian elements.

The bathroom, which is connected to the home's primary bedroom suite via a short hallway, was designed to be functional, but also a peaceful retreat.

Modern bohemian bathroom
Photo: Margarita BravoThe sleek and modern fixtures and finishes provide the foundation for this bathroom.

The sleek and modern fixtures and finishes were the foundations of the design, the MARGARITA BRAVO team then complemented these clean, minimalistic elements with bohemian accents that add a bit of flair and bring the space to life.

"We chose a neutral color palette with pops of warm colors for a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere," adds Margarita Bravo, the lead designer on this project.

Modern bathroom
Photo: Margarita BravoThe MARGARITA BRAVO team designed the space to feel modern, inviting, clean, and cozy.
Modern bathroom
Photo: Margarita BravoThe neutral color palette in this bathroom features pops of warm colors to create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere
Freestanding bathtub
Photo: Margarita BravoThe black window and boho light fixture create a lovely contrast with the room's neutral colors.
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