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Step inside this travel-inspired sitting room, designed for entertaining

The home features global influences and was designed to evoke memories of travel.

Transitional living room
  • Transitional living room
  • Sitting room with bar
  • Living room curtains
  • Sitting room
  • Kitchen with barstools
  • Sitting room reading chair
  • Bohemian dining room
  • Primary bedroom
  • Primary ensuite bathroom

Interior designer Erika Lee created this stunning sitting room design for a client in Cincinnati, Ohio. The client wanted a space where she could entertain friends and share stories over a glass of wine. Her love for travel, particularly her time in Africa, served as inspiration for Lee in designing the space.

Transitional living room
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThis sitting room was designed to entertain friends and share stories.

According to Lee, "The sitting room beckons you to grab a drink and sit for a while. I love the texture, contrast and attention to detail in the space." The designer skillfully incorporated elements that evoke the clients memories of travel, while also ensuring that the space flowed seamlessly with the rest of the home.

The sitting room beckons you to grab a drink and sit for a while. I love the texture, contrast and attention to detail in the space.

Erika Lee
Sitting room with bar
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThe seating area features a bar cabinet and a couple of accent chairs to sit back and catch up in.
Living room curtains
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThe natural woven roman shades and embroidered drapery panels are the designer's favorite aspect of this living room.

One of the standout features of the sitting room is the window dressing. "It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the sitting room, but if I had to pick, I’d go with the highly textured natural woven roman shades and yummy charcoal embroidered and embellished drapery panels," says Lee.

The overall aesthetic of the home evokes the owner's love of travel. The designer's attention to detail, use of texture and contrast, and incorporation of global influences make this sitting room a warm and inviting space for entertaining and sharing stories.

Sitting room
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyA range of textures and contrasts are used throughout this living room.

Other rooms in the home

Kitchen with barstools
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyA counter height table and stools provides this kitchen space with the perfect spot for a coffee and a chat.
Sitting room reading chair
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyAn eclectic mix of colors are used throughout this living space.
Bohemian dining room
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThis dining room features plenty of green accent, earthy colors, and natural materials.
Primary bedroom
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThe home's travel theme continues in this primary bedroom suite.
Primary ensuite bathroom
Photo: Kristen G. PhotographyThe primary ensuite includes plenty of greenery to continue the home's natural vibes.
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