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This woodland home was designed to bring the outside in

The modern home features an organic color palette and plenty of natural materials.

Kitchen Dining Area
  • Kitchen Dining Area
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Blue home bar
  • Modern Living Room
  • Minimalist Primary Bedroom

Alongside New Leaf Home Design and Cornerstone Construction, Pure Design Interiors designed the interiors of this new build residential home in Moreland Hills, Ohio.

This energy efficient (zero energy ready) home sits on a woodland property with beautiful views. To blur the lines between indoors and out, designer, Deanne Bridenstine, decided to go with a modern style, an organic color palette and plenty of natural materials.

Bridenstine says that walking into a home and feeling like "yes, I would absolutely live here" is one of the best things at the end of a project — and this project delivered that feeling. "The open kitchen and dining room provoke exactly that emotion," adds  Bridenstine. "The palette is warm and inviting and everything about this space says 'come in and stay awhile.'"

The palette is warm and inviting and everything about this space says 'come in and stay awhile.'

Deanne Bridenstine
Kitchen Dining Area
Photo: Deanne BridenstineThis open kitchen and dining room was designed to be warm and inviting.

In the kitchen, the stained wood cabinets, with the soft subway tile backsplash are warm, welcoming and timeless. The home also features a bar area with a bold, creative backsplash tile. "This is my favorite [aspect of the bar] and was chosen to be the focal point," says  Bridenstine. "Wine storage using a modern wall mounted system also adds something interesting to the look of the bar overall."

Modern Kitchen
Photo: Deanne BridenstineThe stained wood cabinets make this kitchen welcoming and timeless.
Blue home bar
Photo: Deanne BridenstineThe bold, creative backsplash tile was chosen to be the focal point of this bar area.

The living room is where the idea of brining the outside in really comes to life. "All of the finishes have a natural feel and quality, and support enjoying a fire in the fireplace, or looking at a great view, without being distracted by a fussy interior," explains Bridenstine.

Modern Living Room
Photo: Deanne BridenstineDesigned to let the outside in, this living room is filled with finishes that have a natural feel and quality.

In the primary bedroom and bathroom, simplicity was the goal. The bedroom features a clean, uncluttered design with a wood headboard, modern sconces and linear, transom window. In the bathroom, the organic color palette, uncomplicated tile layout, and natural light from the window over the soaking tub all combine to create a spa-like feel.

Minimalist Primary Bedroom
Photo: Deanne BridenstineThis bedroom has a clean, uncluttered design.
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