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22 Kitchen color ideas, picked by the experts

Your kitchen’s vibe influences how you start and end your day. Make sure you’re doing it right with these idyllic kitchen color schemes.

Navy and yellow kitchen
  • Sage green kitchen
  • Sage green kitchen
  • Bold blue kitchen cabinets
  • Bold blue kitchen cabinets
  • Modern kitchen with black cabinets
  • Light cream kitchen
  • Light cream kitchen cabinets
  • Cobalt blue kitchen
  • Blue kitchen
  • Kitchen with a mint green fridge
  • Pacific blue kitchen range
  • Navy and yellow kitchen
  • Navy and yellow kitchen
  • Deep blue kitchen
  • Navy blue kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Navy blue kitchen
  • Modern farmhouse kitchen
  • Contemporary kitchen and dining room
  • Black kitchen
  • Dark green cabinets
  • Natural wood kitchen
  • Blue Green Kitchen
  • White kitchen with orange accents

Whether you’re an expert cook or someone who thrives on takeout and microwavable meals, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Kitchens are more than just a place to cook and prepare food, but a place to gather– whether over coffee or an after school snack. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the kitchen is a calming space to start and end the day.

Graham Gordon, Senior Design Marketplace Manager at Block Renovation, agrees. “Given how much time we spend in the kitchen, little doses of soothing colors go a long way,” says Gordon.

So, if you’re inspired to give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint, we’ve compiled 21 ideas to get you started.

1. Splashes of sage

Sage green kitchen
Photo: Miranda EstesThese sage cabinets add a pop of color that compliments the soft wood, and black and gold accents in this kitchen.
Sage green kitchen
Photo: Miranda EstesThis sophisticated, alluring hue of green is becoming very popular in kitchen designs.

Eliciting calmness and a natural tone, green has been making its way back into the kitchen. The sage cabinets add a pop of color that compliments the soft wood, and black and gold accents in Interiors by Popov’s Eclectic Craftsman kitchen. The sophisticated, alluring hue of green is becoming very popular in kitchen design, making it a new form of neutral. 

2. Bold blues

Bold blue kitchen cabinets
Photo: John GranenDarker shades of blue are being exchanged for vibrant blues.
Bold blue kitchen cabinets
Photo: John GranenThis kitchen features smart storage throughout.

In this Mukilteo, WA, home, Anna Popov and her team transformed a dark, cramped kitchen into a light and airy space by introducing bright blue cabinetry and clean white walls. “While blue remains a favorite color among many interior designers and homeowners, darker shades of blue are being exchanged for vibrant blues that evoke a refreshing sense of joy,” says Popov. 

3. Back to black

Modern kitchen with black cabinets
Photo: John GranenThe rich, satiny black cabinets make a dramatic statement in this modern family kitchen and dining space.

In the kitchen above, Anna Popov and her team at Interiors by Popov introduced a rich, satiny black to make a dramatic statement. “In contrast to the stark white of the island, the black cabinetry and chairs offer a warm undertone that harmonizes the space,” says Popov. “While many have strayed away from black in the past, interior designers are bringing it back to the kitchen to make spaces feel bigger and more elegant.”

Fun fact: This kitchen’s cabinet doors hide a laundry room.

4. Warm white

Light cream kitchen
Photo: John GranenThe gray island perfectly matches the upholstery of the chairs and compliments the warm white cabinetry.
Light cream kitchen cabinets
Photo: John GranenThis warm white cabinetry blends seamlessly with the kitchen's wood paneling and gold hardware.

Trends come and go, but neutral colors never go out of style. In this project, coined “timeless modernity,” Anna Popov and her team use clean white cabinetry that blends seamlessly with wood paneling and gold hardware to create a nuanced tone. Popov ties the room together with the gray kitchen island that perfectly matches the upholstery of the chairs. 

“Neutral backgrounds are a clean palette for designers to introduce fun colors, patterns and accents easily,” says Popov.

5. Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue kitchen
The cobalt blue refrigerator and cabinets steal the show in this kitchen.

Cobalt blue cabinets steal the spotlight in this contemporary kitchen designed by Vanessa Deleon for True Residential. The bold blue cabinets create an eye-catching contrast against the dark woodwork and gold accents.

6. White + Gray

Photo: Design by Marshall Erb Design. Architecture by Beau Clowney. Photo by Julia Lynn Photography.Brass accents spark the white and grey-blue palette into life and beautifully compliment the earthy tones of the hardwood floor

In this vacation home in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, Marshall Erb and his team at Marshall Erb design used a gray and white color palette to meet his client’s desire for a modern yet traditional beach cottage.

Erb uses brass accents to spark the white and gray-blue palette into life, and compliment the earthy tones of the hardwood floor.

7. Blue + white

Blue kitchen
Photo: Conor HarriganThe blue paint and accents stretch from the cabinetry into the dining area to create a cohesive space.

In the kitchen above, sleek, dark blue and white cabinetry along with state-of-the-art appliances were installed to create a warm, functional space. Additionally, “a custom-built  walnut bar was put in behind the range to allow for entertaining and socializing,” says Natalie Rebuck of Re: Design Architects

8. Neutrals, with a pop of color 

Kitchen with a mint green fridge
The neutral colors in this kitchen allow the mint green Smeg fridge to shine.

In the above kitchen, Elizabeth Ryan and her team use neutral tones to set the stage for a vibrant pop of color. “Almond cabinets, white pendant lights, and a rosemary green island are deliberately neutral, which provides the perfect amount of contrast for the mint green Smeg fridge to shine,” says Ryan. 

9. Go bold with pacific blue 

Pacific blue kitchen range
The Pacific Blue range creates a lively, yet timeless and sophisticated look in this kitchen.

In the above kitchen, the designers at L'Atelier Paris Haute Design chose an eye-catching Pacific Blue range to create a lively, yet timeless and sophisticated look. As the team wanted the shade of blue to balance well with the cabinetry, several shades of blue paint and different backsplashes were combined before the perfect match was found. 

10. Navy blue + yellow 

Navy and yellow kitchen
Photo: Claire EsparrosA bold color choice, like this deep blue, can add personality to a small space.
Navy and yellow kitchen
Photo: Claire EsparrosDesigner Rozit Arditi believes he best way to revamp a kitchen is by adding a splash of color.

In this New York apartment, designer Rozit Arditi preserved the kitchen’s parquet floors, crown moldings, oddly shaped windows while adding a splash of deep blue to add personality to the space. “The result is a happy, modern kitchen with a well-curated mix of budget and kid-friendly materials with statement pieces,” says Arditi. 

11. Deep blue + white

Deep blue kitchen
Photo: Sinan TuncayThe design of this kitchen is focused on symmetry, such as the geometry from kitchen cabinetry.
Navy blue kitchen
Photo: Sinan Tuncay Built-in appliances, custom cabinetry, and brass fixtures made this space pop in its smaller footprint.

In this classic New York apartment, Rozit Arditi and her team redesigned the small kitchen to create ample storage with custom millwork. “The renovation was focused on symmetry, such as the geometry from kitchen cabinetry,” said Arditi. “The modern millwork design and the secret spaces add storage for the client’s passions: books, technology, appliances, and gadgets.”

Additionally, Ardit’s team opted for a matching counter and tile backsplash using Caesarstone to create a clean, crisp look. When paired with the shade of deep blue of the cabinetry, both hues pop.

12. Teal

Photo: Design by Trade Mark Interiors. Photo by Nicholas Ferris.The stunning kitchen features a gorgeous light teal color throughout while marble and wood are expertly-deployed to create a classic and coastal feeling

For a coastal-meets-classic feel, try incorporating teal into your kitchen. Tracee Murphy and Kristin Tolbert of Trade Mark Interiors use this soft teal as a way to bring a coastal feeling into this Sarasota cottage. Murphy and Tolbert pair the kitchen’s teal cabinetry with carefully sourced marble and natural wood to create a bright, calm atmosphere.

13. Bright white

Photo: Design by Czar Interiors. Photo by Jessica Glynn.White glass kitchen cabinetry add a luxurious touch to this modern, feminine chic condo

When Lauren Czarniecki, Principal Designer/Owner at Czar Interiors was chatting with her client about the above kitchen remodel, they agreed that this Boca Raton Condo needed to be "bright and white", while still feeling comfortable and cozy to match the client’s design aesthetic. 

While white may seem boring to some, in this kitchen, it’s anything but boring. Czarniecki’s team use subtle tones to bring warmth to the white interior and emphasize the home’s view of the ocean, while the custom sectional sofa and white glass kitchen cabinetry add a luxurious touch to the space.

14. Black + white

Modern farmhouse kitchen
Photo: SpacecraftingThe dark grout between tiles is a classic farmhouse feature.

In this modern farmhouse kitchen in St. Louis Park, MN, designer Jennifer Davis uses contrasting light and dark kitchen paint colors to meet her client’s desire for farmhouse style with industrial touches.

"I absolutely love the contrast of the leather counter stools against the deep, rich island. The dark dining room table top also is such a great balance with the dark tile grout," says Davis.

The white walls and cabinets paired with the dark hardware, tile grout, and island base give the space a feeling of depth and visual interest.

15. Navy + mint

Navy blue kitchen
The mint green refrigerator provides a nice contrast to the navy blue cabinets and island in this kitchen.

This tastefully designed navy blue kitchen showcases a perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern flair. The rich navy cabinetry and metal hardware create a sophisticated contrast against the bright marble-style tile backsplash. The mint green refrigerator stands out against its navy backdrop.

16. Bluey gray + natural Tones

Modern farmhouse kitchen
Photo: Tracey AytonThe kitchen was remodeled and combined with the adjoining dining room to create more space.

In this farmhouse-style kitchen in Maple Ridge, Canada, Jil Sonia McDonald pairs light blue/gray cabinetry and walls with natural tones to create a modern, functional kitchen. The oak countertop, specially oiled with food safe oil, and stone fireplace mesh well with the light gray while adding personality to the space. 

17. Gold accents

Contemporary kitchen and dining room
Photo: Dustin Forest HalleckWarm wood elements combine with refreshing white cabinetry, marble countertops, and elegant gold accents in this kitchen..

In this sprawling 10,000 square foot residence on Chicago's North Shore, Emily Mackie and her team at Inspired Interiors use gold accents and trim to personalize the spacious kitchen. Gold pairs incredibly well with the warm wood elements, white cabinetry, and marble countertops, creating a color scheme that feels friendly and inviting. 

18. Matte black

Black kitchen
Photo: Aimée MazzengaThis kitchen features bold with matte black walls and cabinetry.

In this kitchen, Aimee Wertepny from PROjECT. Interiors goes bold with matte black walls and cabinetry. The dark colors pair well with the stainless steel of the appliances and silver hardware, creating a moody yet utterly unique feel. 

19. Dark green + white

Dark green cabinets
Photo: Laura SumrakDark green cabinets create a wonderful contrast against the white tiling and window.

In this contemporary North Carolina home, Anna Franklin, founder and CEO of Stone House Collective pairs dark green cabinets with white tiling and window trim to create a contrast that makes the space feel warm and natural. 

"The home was originally uninspired white space," says Franklin. "We wanted to create a place that felt inviting, taking advantage of the abundance of natural light and a color palette that would feel warm and inviting."

20. Light wood

Natural wood kitchen
Photo: Block RenovationThis kitchen features plenty of natural wood with white and gold accents.

Graham Gordon, Senior Design Marketplace Manager at Block Renovation shared this beautiful wood-colored kitchen with us. Gordon predicts we'll see "a return to earthy, natural shades" in kitchen design.

21. Emerald green + blue

Blue Green Kitchen
The jewel tones create a striking contrast with the neutral walls in this kitchen.

Designer Heather Malachowski at Decorating Den Interiors chose to pair emerald green cabinets with granite countertops and traditional dark wood cabinets. “Since we were keeping the cabinets, we chose to paint the two islands in a rich green color,” says Malachowski. “As the emerald color creates a luxurious yet fresh new take on traditional.” 

22. Burnt orange tones

White kitchen with orange accents
A bold orange color is used in this breakfast nook to make it stand out.

In this open concept white kitchen, Jil Sonia McDonald of Jil Sonia Interiors uses bright white for the cabinets and kitchen walls, so that the breakfast nook area could stand out in a bold orange color. “The wonderful thing about a true white cabinet is that you can paint your walls any color you choose in the future,” says McDonald. “Formerly, the wall color was bright orange.” 

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